CXweb About the Platform

Cloud-based construction and operation software that supports commissioning. Focus on the technique and the operational construction with a free or supported CXweb license!

Lower energy consumption plus less risk of errors and delays

CXweb is based on a robust commissioning process, data shows that on average they reduce energy consumption for newbuildings by 19%, due to better regulation, fewer hidden errors and better educated operations.

You lose an average of 30% of data transfer potential!

A large study has shown that almost a third of the data potential is wasted in the transfer of a building. With CXweb’s robust commissioning processes, all data is delivered without any loss of value.

Get more Commissioning for the money

Less repetitive work on CXweb’s streamlined processes, report generation, dating and rights-managed workflows. This releases time for all actors that they can spend where it counts!