CXweb Products

CXweb is a digital platform for multidisciplinary building management, building operations and commissioning.

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CXweb Commissioning

Cloud-based construction and operation software that supports commissioning. Create focus on the technical installations, handover and operations with CXweb Commissioning!

CXweb Enterprise

For professional clients, consultants and contractors who want to accumulate knowledge, create and reuse their own processes, templates or have an overview across their project portfolio.

Consulting & Development

All buildings are unique and ICT is not a shelf product! That’s why we offer start-up meetings, teaching, counseling and development. CXweb is your partner, not just a supplier.


Data is in the cloud on EU servers, some of the world’s most reliable servers. We are proud to be able to deliver 99.5% uptime in the daytime all week.

Security & Privacy

Security is top priority and your data is properly processed. With CXweb there is 100% transparency with protocols and procedures so you always know what’s going on.


Ease of use is a top priority, which is why we have satisfied users. If problems arise, we have free technical support Monday-Friday 9-17 and the opportunity for professional support and advice.

Optimized for tablets

When working on the site, CXweb can rightly be included, the core functions of the software can easily be accessed on the web from tablet, without downloading the app.


CXweb complies with ICT Executive Order 118 & 119. All documentation and data can be exported and delivered digitally in the usual file formats.


All functions are designed to reduce the time spent on trivial and repetitive work, so that users can spend their time where value is created.